eM Cube Company Information

eM Cube Corporation

Company Name
eM Cube Corporation
Head Office
9F, Shimbashi Ocean Bldg., Shimbashi 4-31-3, Minato-ku, 105-0004 Tokyo MAP
TEL +81-3-6868-7247 FAX +81-3-6368-5940
Branch Office
501, Toride 1-7-14, Toride-shi, 302-0004 Ibaraki MAP
Email Address
Representative Director
Masatoshi Ueno
Capital Amount
20,000,000 Japanese Yen
20(including contractors)
September 1, 2009
Domestic Offices
Tokyo: Shimbashi, Minato-ku (Headquarters)
Hyogo: Kobe City (West Japan Branch)
Ibaraki: Toride City (East Japan Branch) & Moriya City (R&D Center)
International Office
Socialist Republic of Vietnam: Hanoi (Hanoi Branch)
Scope of Services
  1. Distributed Accelerator R&D.
  2. Sales and Marketing of Applied Products derived from Distributed Accelerator.
  3. Sales and Marketing of Computer Software and Control Equipment.
  4. MES Software Package Distribution.
  5. MES Application Consultation and Integration.
  6. SCADA Software
  7. OPC Software
  8. Software Product Research & Development, Application Program Design and Development.
  9. System Integration for Process Automation and Factory Automation.
  10. System Integration for Business Automation Systems.
  11. Computer and Network System Design and Development.
  12. Sales and Marketing of Electrical Distribution and Controls for Automation.
  13. Business Management Consultation.
  14. Maintenance, Management and Training for Business Automation Systems and Plant Automation Systems.
  15. Sales and Marketing of Products required for Integration including from small Control Components to large Vehicles/Vessels.
Business Licenses
  1. Worker Detachment Service
     Permission No. 般13-304663
  2. Worker Placement Service
     Permission No. ユ13-304563
  3. Used Business Service, Watch Committee
     Permission No. 401270001308
  4. Research Service, Watch Committee
     Permission No. 400110008
  5. Business Innovation Plan Approval 2010
     Permission No. 22産労商支734
Japan Atomic Industrial Forum
Advanced Accelerator Association Promoting Science & Technology (AAA)
The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
TORIDE Society of Commerce & Industry
Line Bank
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Shimbashi Branch
Higashi-Nippon Bank Toride Branch
Tax Advisor
Harada Tax Accountant Office
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