eM Cube Components, Equipment and Controls

Components, Equipment and Controls

Distributed Accelerator from eM Cube (DISAC)


It is a new fully digital control accelerator from eM Cube Corporation. Please refer R&D section of this website for hydra-headed usage of it. The price of our distributed accelerator should be in the range of two-third of the traditional accelerators in general and one-fifth of the operating cost by specifications. eM Cube is focusing to develop, manufacture and sell our accelerator providing solutions for the global environmental issues.

eM Cube is confident of our Distributed Accelerator make a innovative change to the market worldwide equivalent to the music CD made the traditional Records come to an end.

Controls & Equipments


Touch Panel PC, Industrial PC, Field Network Components from ALGO System


ALGO SystemFrom low end small flat panels to large panels for industry plant operator interface, store or hypethral digital signage are available. Microsoft Embedded or Linux for standard operating system platform. With our standard RTOS and Windows Embedded, our Single Board Logic Controller performs at 100 micro seconds scan time for I/O control. EtherCAT Master Stack Module enables high performance field network availabe for PC based control solutions. HMI/SCADA Packages available for option. eM Cube can provide system consultaion and integrations serivces.



Mitsubishi FA Components

三菱電機社製 FAコンポーネント

Programmable Logic Controllers, Inverters and other FA Components of MITSUBISHI are available from eM Cube Corporation.


OMRON FA Components


Programmable Logic Controllers and other FA Components from OMRON are available from eM Cube Corporation.


※Please contact eM Cube Sales Department for inquiries of these products. info@emcube.co.jp