DLE120 Series Embedded DISAC



DLE120 Series is a DISAC based transportable linear accelerator. Various types of ion can be accelerated and used for Neutron Source, NDI(Non Destructive Inspection) or other applications.

  • Cost effective.
  • Small, lightweight and can be embedded in industry equipment.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Simple operation.
  • Maintenance free.
Target Applications
  • Neutron NDI/NDT for large bridge and building.
  • Transportable BNCT Medical Treatment System.


It is a linear accelerator accelerates heavy ion beam up to 1.04MeV energy.


Item Specification
Acceleration Particle Deuteron
Acceleration Energy 1.04 MeV
Average Acceleration Current Max. 10 mA
Electrode Tube Structure Beam Elicitation Tube 1 unit
Beam Convergent Tube 1 unit
Acceleration Tube 6 units

Dimension (**1)

Length(L) 11.8 m
Diameter(Φ) 20 cm
Weight (**2) 1.3 ton
Consumtion Energy (**3) 20 kVA (@ 10 mA Operation)
Price (**4) starts at JPY 79,000,000.-

(**1) Length from Ion Source to Irradiation Target Inlet and Acceleration Tube diameter.(**2) Total weight of accelerator, ion source, tubes, generator and controls.
(**3) Total power consumtion of acceleration, vacuum and control systems.
(**4) The standard pricing of acceleration, vacuum and control systems.



DLE120-6D based transportable neutron source. Irradiation target is Beryllium(Be).


DLE120-6D based Neutron Transporter

DLE120-6D Neutron Data

Item Specification
Neutron Energy < 200 keV
Neutron Quantity 1.5 x 1012 neutrons/Sec
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