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eM-SCADA SCADA Package Software & eM-Historian Industrial Real-Time Database


eM-SCADA Automation Software

(v3.0 available for multiple languages)

eM-SCADA is an industrial automation software package providing ecological solution for automation systems. eM-SCADA can configure applications without any programming and can start quickly up and run.


eM-Historian Industrial Real-Time Database

(To Be Announced)

eM-Historian provides a long-term data gathering, storing and analysis solution for industrial applications. Our high level data compression, retrieval technologies can search and display 1 million data with time stamp in a few seconds.

eM Cube SCADA Application Development Support Package eM Cube SCADA Systems Automated Test and Test Document Generator
eX-Prove NET
eX-Prove NET

SCADA System development support package from eM Cube. eX-Prove generates Design Documents/Test Plans/Test Results Documents of SCADA Systems automatically. eX-Prove performs Auto Testing for user SCADA applications. eX-Prove uses Visio and Excel from Microsoft for designing SCADA applications. eX-Prove currently supports CitectSCACA and plans to support iFIX and other SCADA package in the year 2010.

eX-Prove Complete
eX-Prove Complete

eX-Prove Complete is an enhanced version of eX-Prove NET for the customers develop SCADA applications 2 or more a months. The basic functionality is same to the eX-Prove NET.

eM Cube Partners' Automation Software

GE Software Products


HMI SCADA Automation Software from GE Intelligent Platforms

iFIX offers a robust SCADA engine, rich set of connectivity options, open architecture and highly scalable and distributed networking model. Used in a variety of applications across diverse industries, it is ideally suited for applications as simple as typical HMI applications such as manual data entry and validation to very complex SCADA applications like batching, filtration and distributed alarm management. It also complies with industry standards-making it ideal as part of more IT-focused real time data management system. Providing a window into your total operations cycle, iFIX enables faster, better intelligent control and visibility into your operations


PC based Video Security Systems from Longwatch

Longwatch is a comprehensive system for collecting, displaying and managing video from a wide variety of locations in an industrial setting. Its basic capabilities include: Network Flexibility, Recording at the Edge, Autonomous Operation, Automatic video editing and delivery, Hardware Independence, Open Architecture and Centralized System Management.

OPC Server from Kepware Technologies

KEPServerEX is the world's most popular OPC Server solution for automation. Kepware has released KEPServerEX OPC Server Version 5.1 now delivers an OPC-A&E Interface, 3 New Drivers, and Many Enhancements.

Citect Prodcuts from Schneider Electric

Full Redundant SCADA Package Solution from Citect by Schneider Electric is available from eM Cube.

Marathon Technologies – automated fault-tolerant, high availability & disaster recovery software for physical & virtual environments. High Availability Solutions Since 1993.

Marathon Technologies is the only provider of fault-tolerant, automated, high availability and disaster recovery software for physical and virtual servers. Marathon’s everRun software prevents outages and data loss – without IT intervention - in Microsoft Windows Server and Citrix XenServer infrastructures.


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